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Play Free Poker at a Real Money Poker Site

It is important to practice your poker skills "for free" before you start playing poker for real money. If you are just starting with the game of poker, or didn't play poker in a while then you should find a poker room that offers "free tables" in which you can play for "fake money". Obviously, the competition is not going to be nearly as good as it is in the money tables but it is a great way to get you started.

One thing you need to be aware of is that the game is very different when you have real money on the table. For example, if a player called your raise with 30% of his chips on the turn, he is most likely to call your All-in on the river weather it is a good call or not. He is already committed to the pot and he doesn't really lose anything so why not? For this exact reason it is sometimes harder to play "free poker" because no one has nothing to loose. The same poker player you are setting up for a bluff at a real-money table will have to consider many factors before he is calling your All-in.

We think that 888Poker is probably the best place for you to get yourself going with online poker for two reasons. First, they are one of the most secure online poker sites that allow "free poker" for as long as you would like to play free poker before making your first deposit. Second, 888Poker has a lot of loose competition. Many gamblers for 888Casino think they can hop to their poker site to make a quick buck. That is exactly the kind of players you want to face when you are making your first steps in the world of poker.

We do advice you start paying for lower stakes and only increase your stakes when you really feel better about your game and you win constantly.


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