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Find a list of the best poker rooms in the table above. Using our links will qualify you with some of the bet exclusive bonuses we are able to negotiate for our players from the above poker rooms. We only work with the best and most established poker rooms in the industry. 

Recently we received many questions regarding income tax for Canadian poker players. We opened this page for comments and we welcome our players to share their questions and experiences with Canadian income taxes for poker players. 

Income Tax for Canadian poker players

One of the things Canadian poker players have to consider if they choose to make a living out of playing poker or if they just make a lot of money playing poker is income tax. Professional poker players in Canada have to pay income tax. The question is how does the law define a "professional player"? This question is a bit tricky because the definition of the law is still a bit fuzzy to us.
Nevertheless, when you start making real money playing poker in Canada you will have to report your profits or consult an accountant regarding your income taxes as a poker player.

Some of the variable that you will have to consider when reporting your income tax as a poker player are:

1.  How much money on average you make a year playing poker?

2.  Do you have another source of income?

3.  How many hours you play poker every day/week? 

Latest Canadin Poker News

We will do our best to keep you up to date with Canadian law regarding online poker and poker income tax. If you had any issues with filing your taxes as a professional poker player in Canada, please share your experience with our community...


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